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ANDROMEDA Metasystems

ANDROMEDA Metasystems

Andromeda scanners are used by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, kinesiologists and other professional healers to augment their diagnostic capability and to have a completely new treatment modality.

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ANDROMEDA is a non-linear system. That is to say, it works at a quantum, multi-dimensional level. It is a different branch of physics to that normally used, and is a paradigm shift in terms of scanning capability.

Two-way headphones emit frequency patterns to resonate with healthy cell groups. There should be a resonant return signal, which shows as a yellow dot on the target area on screen. Should the return signal be dissonant, that is to say from a sub-optimal target tissue, the computer will register this as another colour, and will classify in any of six levels of dysfunction.

Having surveyed the whole body (or selected parts) the operator can select different modalities to investigate any areas of interest, right down to the RNA, DNA and chromosomes. Treatment, in the form of corrective vibrational signals, can then be given, and the response viewed in real time on the screen.

The value of the real-time display cannot be understated. As the client sees their body respond in front of their eyes, their brain will automatically back this up with optimistic healing thoughts which stimulate the epigenetic expression of the DNA to improve health. "Where the mind goes, the body follows."


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